Fix&Go AntiFlap

Fix&Go AntiFlap
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The Fix&Go AntiFlap awning clamp reduces annoying fluttering noises nearly to the fullest. Simply push device from the side onto the sheet, put it on the rafter and spring beam of the awning manufacturer existing on both sides, turn to fix the eccentric lever and close by flipping it. The clamp cushions keep the sheet fix without damaging it. Then, the silicone tapes are tensioned around the rod and, depending on the rod's diameter, hooked into matching raster perforation. Those seeking more security, pushes the optionally available TieStrap into the integrated channel rail. TieStrap is tucked safely into the channel rail by flipping the eccentric lever so that the T-connector of the TieStrap cannot work its way out. Of course, larger and more extend awnings can be tensioned better by more than one AntiFlaps per side.

Fix&Go AntiFlap is compatible with nearly all awning systems, no matter if being equipped with round, oval, or square rafter rod.

Conent: 2 Fix&Go AntiFlap
Required: 2 rafter of the awning manufacturer
Optional: TieStrap Peggy Peg

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