Caravan-TV-System "One-Cable-Solution"

Caravan-TV-System "One-Cable-Solution"
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The "one-cable solution" from Kathrein and alphatronics

The caravan TV system consists of a fully automated CAP rotary unit from Kathrein as well as a TV set from alphatronics. The entire control takes place directly via a TV set without the additional integration of a separate control unit or receiver. As a result, only two components are required for the TV and radio reception in your caravan or motorhome (rotary system and TV). The coaxial cable is used to control the rotary unit and to transmit the satellite signal to the TV.Solution 1HDP 650/750/950, including 19 "/22"/24" alphatronics TV

Control the rotary system directly via the TV set

  • No additional control unit required
  • Only one remote control
  • Only one coaxial cable between TV and rotary unit: "One-Cable-Solution"
  • Live streaming of TV and radio programmes to mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) with UFZ 131 (optional)

TV devices from alphatronics are available in the following versions:

  • 19": SL-19 DSB-K
  • 22": SL-22 DSB-K
  • 24": SL-24 DSB-K

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