MT CIS All-In-One Solar Systems

MT CIS All-In-One Solar Systems
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These installation Kits, equipped with CIS Solar Panels, contain everything needed for solar energy in your motorhome. The Installation Kit includes everything you need to mount a solar system onto your recreational vehicle. Each all-in-one system comes with matching spoiler profiles and a robust, concealed cable routing to the roof. These high-quality PUR plastic components are protected against harmful UV radiation and extremely weatherproof. The solar panels are screwed onto the spoiler profiles, therefore, it is possible to dismount the solar system when changing your vehicle. The mounting itself is glued to the roof with a special adhesive. The adhesion has the advantage of no fixing holes drilled into the roof skin being needed. The solar systems' controller come with the latest characteristics curves and can be switched from LiFeP04/gel/AGM to acid batteries. They also provide a second charging output (starter battery) and a connector for the solar remote display (optional). The solar controllers of the systems MT 65 CIS and MT 90 CIS are designed to connect another panel with the same capacity, if needed. A matching set of connecting cables for vehicles with EMS base station (Hymer Group vehicles) is included in the set.

Equipment of the All-In-One Solar Systems: CIS Solar Panels · Solar Regulator Power Plus with temperature sensor · Roof spoiler set including accessories · Concealed cable routing to the roof · Adhesive for spoiler and cable routing· Cable set internal/external · Cable kit for vehicles with EMS base station (Hymer Group) · Hardware · Mounting instructions

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